happy pride month!!!


★ cass ★ female ★ 16 ★ julian stan ★ muriel can crush me thanks ★ dm for post removal ★ if youre going to repost my stuff, please give credit

4 Stories

4 Stories

how he really lost his arm idk why i keep going on tumblr it always makes me feel bad about things i like, legit just saw a post calling bts fans racist and awful people so sorry folks im racist now . . . . . . #thearcanagame #hearthunter #luciothearcana #nadiathearcana #portiathearcana #julianthearcana #asrathearcana #murielthearcana #countessnadia #countlucio #juliandevorak #asra #muriel #portia #julian #nadia #lucio ...


i wasnt gonna make a post about it but this is the easiest way to spread awareness ig. count._. guccio has started reposting my posts without credit, and has blocked this account. i was really hoping that theyd learnt but obviously not. please ask them to take it down politely, do NOT harass them!!! ...

spoilers for muriels new book!! muriel is so babey i love him so much ohmygOD his new sprite evokes so many emotions and pepis a babey omg bless her i fucking love 'im going to kick lucios ass' so much, i paid for every paid option it was so worth it but my coin count is under 1000 now crying also i hate morga wtf shes so bitchy smh i thought she was a milf at first fuck morga ...

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