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@henrycavill This is Lee Spencer and he is an absolute legend. He rowed across the Atlantic.....I'll say that again...he rowed across the Atlantic! Unsupported, battling 40 foot waves, loneliness, fear and exhaustion.....I should probably also mention that he only has one leg. Truly showing that commando spirit through this magnificent feat. He now holds the new record of rowing the Atlantic. The previous record was 96 days 12 hours and 45 mins. Which, we should note, was held by an able bodied person and Lee beat it by 36 days! He is the first disabled person to have ever achieved this. So, actually, a double record holder and proving that no one should be defined by a disability. Congratulations Mr Spencer. If you're feeling as awe struck and inspired as I am, follow the link in my bio to donate to his chosen charities, the Royal Marines Charity and the Endeavour Fund. You must admit, he kinda deserves it.... #RoyalMarines #TheRowingMarine #RoyalMarinesCharity @TheRMCharity Photo credit: Anthony Upton
@TheRMCharity #RoyalMarines #TheRowingMarine #RoyalMarinesCharity
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